Our company's identity is based on a set of values that must be pursued and sought after by all of us; These same values that have allowed us to consolidate, until now, our corporate culture and which were formalised in the SA8000 ethical management and social responsibility system adopted by GIMI SPA.

Everyone in GIMI is called upon to display the sense of personal responsibility that lies behind the effectiveness of the ethical management and social responsibility system. The SA8000 standard is an international standard certification drawn up by CEPAA (Council of Economical Priorities Accreditation Agency) and is aimed at certifying certain aspects of business management related to corporate social responsibility, such as the following: • Respect for human rights, • Respect for workers' rights, • Protection against the exploitation of minors, • Guarantees of health and safety in the workplace.

For Gimi, obtaining this certification means: Demonstrating to international markets that our company respects such rights and also being able to sell one's products competitively with respect to those competitors that benefit from the exploitation of workers. It also means establishing, together with the workers, the common rules of mutual respect with which to continuously and significantly improve the working environment and the quality of life of each one of us.